Make your spiritual bed everyday
Cultivate the pearls
Polishing your treasure chest
Grounded on the earth
warm as thesun
calm as the moon
whispers of wisdom between the breath
Inspires dancing wind
Forming shapes along the way
Painting new ideas
Expanding on this vision quest
Bathing in the waves
Swimming becomes effortless
Inner sight leads the way
From every facet is a book, to be read by all
Meet the qi with reverence, confidence and gratitude
Pray for peace to all.

Eyes rest on the middle shelf
Feather settles to the ground
Peaceful stillness prevails
Symphony of cosmic sounds
Spirit rises to the top
Sinking deeper to surrender
Flying higher to discover
Wordless wonders, breathing colors
As many smiles as are stars
And to know We can come here whenever We want
Rights of holy passage awaits
To those that pave the way