What is Sheng Zhen Meditation?

Sheng Zhen Meditation is a system of meditations in motion or in stillness. It draws and circulates qi, the life force, into the body. In the process, the practice pours Love into the heart of the practitioner bringing about a feeling of well-being, harmony with one’s surroundings, and a feeling of divine contentment. One is able to truly enjoy life and experience a sense of ease even in the midst of challenges.

The postures and movements of the different forms of Sheng Zhen Meditation have messages and mental images which are contemplated as they are being practiced. When practiced diligently and with sincerity, from within, one begins to find answers to the deepest questions in life.

In addition to the benefits of traditional moving meditation such as healing, strengthening, and balancing the mind and body, Sheng Zhen Meditation transforms consciousness. Your sense of awareness is heightened and your instincts are sharpened. In time, it brings one to the experience of one's original nature, which is Love.

Sheng Zhen is a gift from Heaven, from the universe, to help mankind in the transition to the new era. Such transition is accompanied by negative factors towards turmoil: wars and civil strife, the breakdown of economic and political systems, outbreaks of new and virulent life-threatening diseases, more disturbances in human psyche, and all kinds of natural and man-made calamities. Sheng Zhen helps to ease and accelerate this transition by allowing for difficulties and challenges to be related to from a place of love. 

A strong body and a clear mind will not suffice to surmount such chaos. To work with equanimity towards the challenges today requires wholeness and strength of body and heart, mind and spirit. Thus, Heaven has blessed us with Sheng Zhen Meditation.

How can one learn the different forms of Sheng Zhen Meditation?

A variety of forms — standing, sitting, lying down — are offered to the practitioner. The movements vary from three, as in Heart Spirit as One (Jesus Sitting), to eight, as in Awakening the Soul, to eleven, as in Releasing the Heart (Mohammed Standing), to sixteen, as in Heaven Earth Practice (Kuan Yin Sitting), to twenty-four, as in Origin of the Heart (Hanuman), to thirty, as in Sheng Zhen Healing Practice I, II, & III. Each practice session can vary from 10 minutes, if that is all one can spare, to attending a class which is typically 60 to 90 minutes, usually once or twice a week, led by certified Sheng Zhen Meditation teachers.

Is it necessary to practice all the different forms? 

It is not necessary to practice all the different forms. One or two of the moving forms a student is naturally drawn to, together with the sitting and lying down meditations is more than sufficient. The form called Awakening the Soul is beneficial to both beginners and advanced students. A person who is unable to do the movements because of some disability can still obtain great benefits from doing just the sitting and the lying down meditations. Although the form known as Sheng Zhen Healing Practice may be performed by anyone, it is particularly beneficial to those who are unwell. In fact, there are benefits from simply viewing any one of the videos. What is important is to practice with regularity.

Are there any teaching aids available and, if so, can one learn just by using these? 

Actual instruction from a teacher is best. If there are no teachers in your area, traveling to a workshop is an option. There are also some teachers who work with students via the internet. As for Sheng Zhen instructional books and videos, they are available from Sheng Zhen distributors listed in the website.

Who conducts Sheng Zhen Meditation classes? 

Master Li Junfeng is the driving force and the principal teacher of Sheng Zhen Meditation. He personally trains teachers all around the world, from Europe to Australia and New Zealand to South Africa to the United States, Canada, and Asia. Those who qualify are granted teacher certification. Teachers in training must also conduct classes in order to meet certification requirements.

What is the International Sheng Zhen Society Foundation? 

The International Sheng Zhen Society Foundation was formed in Manila, Philippines in 1996 and has many branches on all seven continents. Its mission is to spread the practice of Sheng Zhen, the practice of Unconditional Love, throughout the world.

Our vision is a peaceful, loving world. Guided by the spirit of Unconditional Love, we share the Sheng Zhen movements and meditation practices to relax the body, quiet the mind and open the hearts of all humanity.

Its ultimate goal is the experience of pure, unselfish love in every human being, moving us all toward a perfect world.