Become a Sheng Zhen Teacher!

The Purpose of Sheng Zhen Teacher Training

Sheng Zhen teacher training (TT) has multiple purposes to this 9–10 day training. It is important that those attending understand what occurs at a TT, the benefits that come from a TT and why recertification is needed once every 2 years for all certified teachers. It is also important for Sheng Zhen Certified teachers to understand the larger long-term goal and benefits to Humanity and the Earth. This understanding will also help prepare students wanting to go to TT.

Sheng Zhen Teacher Training is an intensive 9-10 day training for teachers-in-training and certified Sheng Zhen teachers. A primary purpose for TT is to achieve initial certification as a teacher and to re-certify every two years thereafter. 


The vision of the International Sheng Zhen Society is A loving peaceful world.

Sheng Zhen TT was created to train people who wish to practice, share and/or teach Sheng Zhen Gong and the philosophy of Unconditional Love. With hearts opened by the practice, body and mind with a working knowledge of the forms, the TT was created to gift attendees more time to allow them to immerse heart and soul into the Sheng Zhen state. 

These TT develop discipline to obtain true freedom. In this discipline Cultivation, Purification and Connection occur. It takes time to embody this thus the required number of days for TT. Weekend seminars and classes do not give the space to allow this to happen.

The International Sheng Zhen Society is an educational non-profit organization, established to promote Sheng Zhen. Education and certified teachers are the foundation for spreading the essence of Sheng Zhen. Training teachers is the center pole for spreading & maintaining this essence. Surrounding the TT and supporting this center pole are Sheng Zhen seminars, retreats, books, videos, classes and tele-conferences.

What happens at TT? TT is multi-faceted.

Cultivation - the human body is a natural vessel made to cultivate Qi and Love

Purification - As we cultivate Qi, hindrances from negative emotions begin to clear and we are able to navigate life from a place of purity

Connection - We work for Heaven, we work for Love -  we develop higher instincts for living and working via the central imperative of life: to manifest unconditional love in every circumstance and relationship in our life.


We learn how to teach the forms clearly and precisely, including the contemplations and Sheng Zhen philosophy underlying the forms. It is vital that all teachers are teaching the forms and the philosophy in the same way. When we hold to the original teachings then the essence of Sheng Zhen and Sheng Zhen Gong does not change or drift into other variations from the truth. Sheng Zhen as it is, is pure, nothing needs to be added or changed.

This training is accomplished when we:

  • Follow Master Li and Jing to train the heart, mind, body and soul.
  • Learn and understand the positions, path, synchronicity and essence of each movement in each form.
  • Find out what to look for in the movements, what is correct, what is incorrect and understanding why. 
  • Learn how to correct movements.
  • learn to focus on the main points and simplify the details when teaching your students.
  • Participate in daily meditation is a vital part of the practice.
  • Work in groups practicing how to teach what you have just learned and correcting each other to refine the movements.
  • Teachers will co-teach a form to the group and participate in a contemplative discussion and feedback session on the experience of the presentation.

Sheng Zhen Philosophy: 

Sheng Zhen Philosophy is covered more deeply at TT than in seminars or classes. Learning the core philosophy of Sheng Zhen is essential to understanding Human’s true nature, the human heart and Soul, understanding unconditional love and understanding the universe we live in. This understanding begins to unite Heaven, Earth and Humanity in our “inner” and “outer Universe”.

  • In this part of TT we are practicing speaking from our hearts and learning how to speak clearly about the Sheng Zhen philosophy. Sheng Zhen teachers need to be good speakers. The philosophy of Sheng Zhen helps each teacher reach past the limitations of the ego until all teachers have great courage and ability to speak to even the most powerful people about Sheng Zhen.  The mission of Sheng Zhen is Guided by the spirit of Unconditional Love we share Sheng Zhen Gong movements and meditation practices to relax the body, quiet the mind and open the hearts of all humanity. 
  • In this phase of the training we are working on experiencing the truth and understandings of the universe and humanity’s life in each movement and each form. The philosophy becomes embodied in the physical.

Community and Service:

In the 9-10 days of TT participants work closely together. We practice together, train together and spend time sharing and getting to know each other. This aspect of TT is to help us to move toward oneness. We are creating bonds to help us work together and to help each one grow to our fullest potential.

The more senior teachers will have opportunities and training in leadership roles. This part of training helps teachers to listen more closely to their hearts, to Heaven and to the Qi to know when, how and what to say, how to guide students and what actions to take.


TT is a full 9-10 days of training. participants train with Master Li or Jing 6-8 hours per day, practice together 1-2 times per day, do occasional homework assignments, and for certified teachers, meet for certain tasks as per required. All of this is equivalent to practicing forms 8 hours a day for 9-10 days. The TT is the container for the Sheng Zhen state in that whether we are sleeping, eating, sharing, or doing the forms, we are practicing being in this state of unconditional love. This training helps us with discipline to obtain true freedom. In this discipline founded on Unconditional Love, Cultivation, Purification and Connection occur.

All certified teachers need to recertify every 2 years to keep up with the teachings and correct any drift that is occurring. TT is an opportunity for teachers to keep going deeper in embodying the Sheng Zhen state so they can carry this into the world and stay in this state. Returning to TT can help teachers stay connected to the Sheng Zhen community, help the community with their experience and find out how the community can help them.

Preparing for the Experience:

In preparation for this Intensive training we recommend:

  • Increase your time spent practicing the forms and reading the contemplations.
  • Cultivate a daily meditation practice.
  • Think about both challenges and successes that you have experienced as a practitioner or teacher.
  • Bring those reflections to share with your fellow participants.
  • Note which forms and/or particular movements that need clarification.
  • Connect with the loving Sheng Zhen family world-wide who practice and share this gift with the world. Let your heart receive the support and love of this community.  

Teacher’s reason’s for returning to TT:

  • Learning the forms well
  • Learning how to teach
  • Experiencing the next step in understanding SZ
  • A Sheng Zhen family reunion
  • Deepening a commitment to Sheng Zhen
  • Keeping up with the current teachings