Awakening the Soul– Timeless and Universal Healing (DVD and Booklet)

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Awakening the Soul– Timeless and Universal Healing (DVD and Booklet)


Practicing Awakening the Soul, timeless and universal healing, connects you to your original spirit. The eight seated movements of Awakening the Soul soften the heart and clarify the soul. Consequently, the original spirit can shine through this clarified soul and then flourish as unconditional love in the newly fertile, prepared heart.

Upon reaching this state, one’s life becomes inspired. Doubt and worry cease to exist. One learns how to enjoy life. Being happy comes naturally. What follows is a sense of perfect well-being, a sense of profound contentment. Through this practice, may all people experience the opening of the heart, the freshness of returning to the beginning, and simplicity of once again becoming one with nature and the universe.

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  • Demonstrated by: Li Jungfeng and Li Jing.
  • Approx. 60 minutes.
  • Produced by: Northcutt Productions.
  • Copyright 2013 International Sheng Zhen Society Foundation. All rights reserved.


  • Rendered by Li Jungfeng.
  • 49 pages
  • Copyright 2008, 2013 International Sheng Zhen Foundation. All rights reserved.