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Medical Qigong and Eastern Medicine Syposium

  • Eastover Estate & Retreat 430 East Street Lenox, MA USA (map)

Join Internationally Renowned teachers at Eastover for our first Medical Healing Qigong and Eastern Medicine Symposium.

Together, in this beautiful Estate in the Berkshires surrounded by natural wetlands and mountain trails, we will dive deep into the Wisdom of the Ancient Healing Traditions of the East and discuss practical modern applications of these Practices. Learn the ancient techniques of Qigong as both a highly curative and preventative practice, as well as a spiritual practice of awakening. The curative aspects of Qigong have been highlighted for centuries and are just becoming known in western science for applications in treating and preventing various forms of cancer. Qigong, as a form of meditative breath-work and movement, has been shown to transform brain plasticity, reduce stress, foster awareness, regulate the nervous system, and develop enhanced feelings of well-being. Like other meditation techniques, Qigong is based on the principle of cultivating focused awareness in the present moment. Only in this present moment, the great teachers assert, can the state of Enlightenment, or Oneness, be accessed. Master Junfeng Li writes, “Understand your mind and you understand the minds of all...Go and roam the heavenly palace within." Whether one has practiced Qigong or meditation for decades, or is a beginner, the access point to inner wisdom and deep peace is equally accessible to all.

This 7-day Symposium will unite science and wisdom with practice and experience that we may all arrive in the Now of each unfolding moment of everyday life. The Symposium welcomes both beginners, as well as long-term practitioners.

You can come for a few nights or for the entire week-long intensive to learn, experience and spiritually reawaken with a remarkable group of teachers and healers using this rare opportunity to be united in sharing their knowledge. The Symposium will be among the first of a series of trainings and workshops that will comprise the new 2016 Eastover Certificate Program in Qigong, Taichi, Mindfulness and Eastern Medicine. The launch of this symposium initiates a series of collaborations between esteemed thought leaders and pioneers in eastern healing practices and western psychology and brain science.

Through practice, each day you will chip away some of life’s burdens and find out how to live a liberated, creative life. Through Qigong, Yoga, Meditation, Taichi, Spiritual Sheng Zhen Gong & Healing Love Qigong for sexual energy transformation, you will learn some essential tools for Healing & Mindfulness practices. Research shows these practices help manage and structure our impulses and gradually build brain plasticity, create new neural pathways to deal with traumas, relationships, depression etc. This paves the way and forges better connections for richer spiritual, loving, fulfilling and happier lives. As Master Chia says, "There is no short cut for practice and practice". Your true healing will come from within yourself.

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