Non-moving Forms of Sheng Zhen Meditation

Non-moving meditation forms help calm the mind, condense and store the qi in the body, and open the heart. This practice helps cultivate a sense of joyful well-being and ease in the world.


Union of Three Hearts

Union of Three Hearts is a seated, non-moving practice that trains the mind. As this practice quiets the mind one, is able to return to the Beginning – to connect with Heaven, Earth, and with all humanity. Simply breathe lightly and naturally. This helps the body relax. Lose all sense of yourself. Forget everything. Free the mind of all worries and thoughts. With a tranquil and peaceful mind, one can go back to the beginning of time and see the world with renewed understanding.

Nine Turns

Nine Turns is a lying-down, meditative, non-moving practice that involves the circulation of qi throughout the body to strengthen both the body and mind. Practitioners bring their awareness to the physical body, using the mind to guide qi to follow the meridians. This flow of qi can be used as disease prevention or as self-healing. It can open up the channels, soften pain or remove blockages from injuries. Because this requires no physical effort, this can be practiced by those who are physically impaired. Learn more from a qualified Shen Zhen teacher in your area, or the Sheng Zhen CD Qigong is a State.