The Heart 心

There is an inner space where we can experience our true selves; a delightful, cozy place where we can celebrate our joys – the Heart.
Each culture has knowledge hidden in its language. For example, the Chinese word 心, “the Heart”. Capital H is used for the word heart differentiating it from the common English word for the physical heart. 

In the Heart, lives our most inner being – the soul. Our physical body suffers when we are sick or have pain, but the physical body is not our entire self. As a human being, we still have a soul! A celebrity may process many luxurious things and be surrounded by thousands fans, but still feel lonely and sad, for the soul in the Heart is unknown to him.

Conversely, an ordinary person who focuses on his Heart, may be totally alone, but feel a delightful fullness – the soul in the Heart feels love and is at ease. In the Heart, lives the soul.
We all know that our heart is a master organ. Without the heart, people die. The Soul resides in the Heart. If we do not focus on the Heart, the light of the soul is diminished.