Sheng Zhen Teacher Training #40  Croatia, 2017

Dear Friends, 

Greetings from the International Sheng Zhen Society! It is with great joy that we invite you to participate in the October 2017 Teacher Training Course in Croatia!

As in the previous Teacher Training Courses, we hope to inspire Sheng Zhen practitioners to share the gifts of the Sheng Zhen practices. 

This upcoming event promises to support one’s practice and teaching abilities with practical qigong teaching techniques. Furthermore, it aims to introduce a broader perspective of qigong as a whole and assist in enriching one’s understanding of the practice.

Master Li Junfeng and Li Jing will conduct the 10-Day Sheng Zhen Gong Teacher Training.  


The 40th International Sheng Zhen Teacher Training will be held October 27 - November 6, 2017.   Arrival and check-in start at 14:00.  Dinner will be served around 18:00 and evening class will be at 19:30.  The TT course ends on the 5th around 22:00

November 6th: Departure before lunch, no class on Monday, breakfast



This 10-day training fee is 1680€ .  All rooms are double accommodations (2 people per room).  All meals from October 27th (lunch) to November 6th (breakfast) are included.

Once you have applied to the training and are accepted, you will receive instructions via email on how to pay by bank transfer.


Situated on the Dalmatian coast (in the very south of Croatia, near Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro), Dubrovnik is often referred to as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”.  Read our invitation for more information about the location.  Accommodation will be a 5-star hotel with excellent food.

Sun Gardens Dubrovnik – Resort,  Na Moru 1,20234 Orasac


Please get  your application in as soon as possible to help our organizers consider what needs to be taken care of.   Everyone can apply at this time: SZ Teachers, Teachers in Training and Participants.  We will allow a certain number of participants to receive early registration.  Once that limit has been reached, then participants will need to wait until August 1, 2017.  Sheng Zhen Teachers are encouraged to sign up before the end of July (but sooner helps our organizers!  Thank you!)

If you still have questions after looking over all of the materials, please contact the Croatia team at:

The Sun Garden Hotel, Croatia